How to Install StreamTorrent for the First Time

This guide is for people wishing to install StreamTorrent for the first time

Step 1: Download StreamTorrent and Install it

Download StreamTorrent NE. Run the program following the prompts as you progress

You should note that the only version that worls nowadays is StreamTorrent NE. Lots of other sites will offer downloads of StreamTorrent Build 0078. They no longer work, and should be avoided.

Step 2: Run Streamtorrent NE and allow it through your Firewall

The first time you run StreamTorrent NE, your firewall should prompt you to allow or deny access. Click “Allow”. If you are not prompted by your firewall, you will need to add it manually.

Step 3: Update the Peer Node File

Because StreamTorrent is a trackerless P2P system, the information about peers in the swarm is held on the local hard drive. Over time, if StreamTorrent is not used, this data goes out of date, So New installs and users who had not connected for many months found that they were unable to connect. To correct this. I created a script named SmiteRedX that updated the swarm data, and running this corrects the problem.

So you need to close out of StreamTorrent NE completely and install the SmiteRedX Patch

Step 4: How to Open a StreamTorrent Stream.

Copy and Pasting.

For Text-based ST URL’s (st://………..): Select the text, copy the text, then open up StreamTorrent manually. On the top menu click Edit, then click Paste. StreamTorrent will now prompt you saying “1 New Stream has been added”, you can then play it by double-clicking the stream on your list, or by clicking the stream once to highlite it, and then clicking the play button.


9 thoughts on “How to Install StreamTorrent for the First Time”

  1. anyone any ideas why these steps above do not work..
    I have had stream torrent for a couple of years.Been at this for a couple of weeks.downloaded NE,smiteredx, runasdate.
    nothing works


    1. Following your comment I have updated the SmiteRedX peer data to ensure that it has the very best chance of connecting. So perhaps you could download SmiteRedX again and apply the update.

      If that does not work, then post a little more information about what happens when you try to connect.


  2. I had ST installed on XP but I was never able to get it working on W7 despite spending a lot of time on it. I just found your site & your files/instructions worked the first time!

    Big thanks to you, man. Big thanks.


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