The History of Streamtorrent

Streamtorrent is a P2P program which allows visitors to stream or broadcast live events to one another. Most people use streamtorrent for tv shows, sports, and films. The method that streamtorrent works is the fact that both streamer along with the viewer must have streamtorrent installed (streamtorrent is a totally free software to obtain and use). The streamer then attaches his cable channel to his personal computer and streams the show or game with streamtorrent and the customer logs into streamtorrent and accesses the stream and it is competent to watch the overall game online. Streamtorrent is easily the most popular P2P app for viewing live baseball games on the internet.

Streamtorrent commonly was refreshed once a year. As the finish of the year approached Streamtorrent would display a note stating that it was expiring or had expired. A few of us contacted the developer, and asked for the functionality to be removed so it would never expire. This was included in Version 1.0 Build 0078. Thereafter StreamTorrent ran with no expiry at each year end.

Sadly, StreamTorrent development stopped shortly after that, and access to the source code was lost. This presented no problems for regular users, but two issues have since emerged.

1. New installs failing to connect to the peers

Because StreamTorrent is a trackerless P2P system, the information about peers in the swarm is held on the local hard drive. Over time, if StreamTorrent is not used, this data goes out of date, So New installs and users who had not connected for many months found that they were unable to connect. To correct this. I created a script named SmiteRedX that updated the swarm data, and running this corrects the problem.

2. The Date Expiry Functionality Reappeared

All was running well until December 16, 2014. On that day this message reappeared

What appears to have happened is that, rather than removing the yearly expiring functionality, the developer has simply pushed it forward a few years. So with the developer having disappeared, we had to act quickly.

We had available a version we had obtained that was modified by a third party, and we re-tested this and have now made it available. It is called StreamTorrent NE. It is based on Build 75, but can easily be installed in order to keep StreamTorrent running.


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